International Nanophotonics and Nanoenrgy Conference (INPEC 2017) is held from August 21 to 25, 2017 at Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China.

INPEC began in 2011 in the name of CEH3 Joint Workshop in Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), China, which was aiming at the effective collaboration between the Chinese and Korean research groups, in particular from Capital Normal University (CNU), Ewha Womans University (EWU), Hanyang University (HYU), HIT at two campuses of Harbin and Weihai, and Hefei University of Technology (HFUT). The second CEH3 workshop was successfully held in 2012 (HYU, Korea). In 2013, the organizers decided to expand the scope and invite participants from all over the world, and started INPEC at HFUT, China.

With the success of INPEC 2014 (EWU, Korea), 2015 (CNU, China) and 2016 (HYU, Korea), INPEC 2017 will continue providing international forum for discussion and dissemination on the nanotechnology, nanophotonics, micro/nano-optoelectronics, and nano-energy science. The topics include the fabrications, characterization, and applications of nanomaterials. All these researches require interdisciplinary approaches and active mutual interaction among people in various relevant disciplines. INPEC 2017 offers researchers the opportunity to discuss and exchange information with the frontiers in their fields and network with scientists from various other fields for potential interdisciplinary collaborations.

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The First CEH3 Joint Workshop, 2011 @ Harbin, P.R. China 

The Second CEH3 Workshop, 2012 @ Ansan, Republic of Korea

INPEC 2013 @ Hefei, P. R. China

INPEC 2014 @ Seoul, Republic of Korea

INPEC 2015 @ Beijing, P. R. China

INPEC 2016 @ Ansan, Republic of Korea